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An old UPS (4 years or older under normal use) increases the risk of damage to your new PC or server. Your equipment and data deserves the best power protection. Now is your chance to get an exclusive discount on the newer, more advanced APC UPS products with APC Trade-UPS program.

APC Trade-UPS is an extremely cost-effective way to upgrade existing units and ensure their reliability. Trade-in any UPS (regardless of manufacturer) for the latest APC UPS technology. Purchase a new APC unit today, and upon receipt of a Trade-UPS form and a copy of your purchase invoice, APC will pay to have your old unit(s) (up to 250 kg) picked up and returned to us for proper ecological disposal and you can then expect a rebate check to arrive in the mail shortly after.

Benefits to Customers

  • Save Money: you can get a rebate on a new APC product by simply sending back the invoice and the Trade-UPS request form to APC RMA department.
  • The Most Reliable Power Protection: with over 8 million satisfied customers worldwide and more awards from the IT press than all other vendors combined, you receive the leading brand of power protection at one of the lowest prices in the market. APC is also recommended by leading IT vendors such as Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft and Novell.
  • FREE Disposal: you can dispose of your old UPS in an easy, convenient and ecological way. APC will collect and recycle your old UPS for FREE at your convenience.
  • Enhanced Product Features: gain a higher degree of protection with improved user interface and power management benefits.

Important Points

  • All information on the Trade-UPS Request Form must be filled in correctly.
  • There is no limit to the number of UPSs that you can trade-in. You can combine multiple old UPS's in exchange for one or multiple new UPS's, but the total VA-rating of all the new UPS units should not exceed three times that of the VA-rating of all of the old UPS units.
  • 250 kg is the maximum weight a customer is allowed to return on APC’s Consignment Note. Should your UPS exceed 250 kg., please contact APC.
  • Please contact APC for full details of products that are currently covered by the Trade-UPS program. Also note that the rebate is calculated on the New UPS purchased NOT the old UPS traded in.

To find out more about this great offer please contact the APC RMA Department on 1800 652 725 or send an e-mail to APJ.Pacifictrade-ups@apcc.com.